Yep, I’m making another series…


Mr D Sign

…who was I kidding saying I was taking a break? In 2014 I made a print of a long-gone Chicago hotdog stand called Pig Outs. It was for a show called “Outdoors” that Ethan D’Ercole put together. I really enjoyed drawing that weird little building and I kept coming back to it. I’ve always loved the weird little roadside shacks that pop up to serve the people their french fries and pizza puffs so I’ve settled on making a total of 12 prints with this subject matter before the end of the year.

They won’t follow a rigid schedule like in the past, there might be 3 in one month and 1 the next. Each print will be 18″ x 24″ (landscape) and will be in an edition of 45. They’ll cost $25 each and like my other series’ I’m offering a few discounted subscriptions here!

First up is an overdue reprint of “Pig Outs” which will be quickly followed by print #2, “Bunyon’s” of Cicero, IL!

Back in Stock!



Dare to Be Stupid is now back in stock! This collection of concert posters from the first TEN years of Drug Factory Press now features 14 more pages than the first. Available wherever weird books are sold or HERE in my store!

*BONUS* the first 75 orders include a free 8″ x 10″ “BOOKS ARE BEAUTIFUL” screen print!!!


Black Friday Test Print Giveaway!



Black Friday is pretty much the worst American holiday but it’s a great excuse for me to clear out some of my test print pile. For every poster order placed on Friday 11/27 I’ll include a free test print of my choosing! The prints will be 16″ x 20″ and signed 1/1.

Dear Beer:


Dear Beer

I’m super excited to come down to Austin in early November for Fun Fun Fun Fest, but ALSO for an art show my wife and I are having at Bearded Lady on 11/5. Dear Beer: is a collection of knick-knacks and ephemera for made up beer companies. It’ll featured embroideries, paintings, screen prints, and more. If you’re in Austin come through!

New book!



The VACVVM has released a book of my complete Print-of-the-Week series!
8″ x 10″ soft cover, 68 full-color pages! Only $20! Get it here while it lasts.

Four Corners


Four Corners

The art prints I made for the ‘Four Corners’ show in Portland at Upper Playground are now available in my store. The show was a killer lineup and more or less my best pals in the printing world. Thanks to Morning Breath Inc. for asking me to be involved!

Dare to be Stupid is finally out!



I’m extremely proud to present my first book–a collection of concert posters from the first nine years of Drug Factory Press! 120 full-color pages in a soft-cover first edition of 300 (Published by Hozac Books). Available wherever weird books are sold or HERE in my store.

SXSW & New Test Prints!



Next week I’ll be traveling to Austin for Flatstock 48 (3/19-21)! If you’re in town for the insanity stop by and bring me a cold Lone Star, I’ll probably need it. Also I just got back a bunch of large test prints that had been hanging at Bite Cafe here in Chicago. Those are up here.

The 2015 Treasury of Shitting Dogs!



I’m super excited to announce the follow up to my Print of the week series!

Over the next year I’ll be releasing 12 new art prints (one on the first of each month). All prints will have an edition of 45 and will be 16″ x 20″ in size.

These scenic art prints will feature a defecating dog somewhere in the image and will be priced at $45 each. There are also a limited number of subscriptions here.

Print of the Week comes to an end!



The year-long Print of the Week series is coming to an end on Friday, January 23rd! On this day there will be a show of all 52 prints from the series at Chicago gallery Rational Park. Remaining stock of the prints will be for sale as well a small number of framed artist proofs for posters that have sold out. It’s been a crazy year, come have a beer and see what I’ve been doing for the last year!

Holiday Market Mania



It’s that time of year again! Find me at Renegade Craft Fair this coming weekend (Dec. 6-7), Rebuilding Exchange‘s Holiday Fair Friday Dec. 12th, at the Empty Bottle Sunday Dec. 14, and finally the Chicago Reader Made in Chicago Market downtown on Saturday Dec. 20th. At each of these I’ll be selling concert posters, art prints, and what’s left of the POTW series. After this is all over you can find me face down on my living room floor with an egg nog ladle in my hand.

Pop-up sale and big news!


Once again I’ve gone months without an update–my apologies. You can always keep up with my day-to-day workings via the Drug Factory Press facebook or my Instagram. The next event I’ll be at is a pop-up shop at Heritage Bicycles on September 27th from 9 AM–3 PM. If you aren’t familiar with Heritage they’re a bike shop/coffee shop that is definitely worth checking out.

NEWSFLASH: Details are still under wraps but work is well underway on a book of my concert posters from 2006–present! I’ll post news here as it comes but expect a 100+ page art book in time to give it to your parents for Christmas.

Summer Creep


Well I somehow went 3 months without an update (I guess you could say the POTW series has been keeping me busy). Speaking of that, POTW #22 will be up Friday A.M. In other news I’ll have a booth this weekend at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival 5–10 Friday and 12–10 Sat/Sun. Come by, I’m good for a beer if nothing else.

POTW Update!


Hello there! Been a little behind on updates. Today marks the 9th week of the Poster of the Week series with this new version of drunk bullwinkle. As of right now POTW#1 and #4 are sold out and there are only two copies of #8 remaining. Thanks for all the support and for following this crazy series. Cheers!

Second POTW is in the store


The new poster of the week is now available here. As always it’s a signed/numbered edition of 15 that will never be reprinted! Cheers.

Poster of the Week Series!


A couple weeks late to the new year but I’m very excited to announce the Drug Factory Press POTW series. For the next 52 weeks I’ll be making an art print of some sort in a tiny edition of 15 which will never be reprinted. Prints will be announced each Friday morning via Instagram and my Bigcartel store. These prints will be sold for $40–a subscription to the entire series is offered until the first print sells out, at which point only individual prints will be sold. The first print goes up Friday January 24th!


Short film by Winter Beach/Columbia College


I’m humbled and excited to share this short piece about me and what I’m doing at the moment. Shot and edited by some old friends doing cool things too. Cheers!

Holiday fair season


It’s that time of year again! Find me at Renegade Craft Fair this coming weekend (Dec. 7-8), Rebuilding Exchange‘s Holiday Fair Friday Dec. 13th, and finally at Peanut Gallery‘s Holiday Sale on Dec. 14-15. At each of these I’ll be selling concert posters, art prints, shirts, and other assorted nonsense. Among the new prints I’ll have is a 12″ x 16″ 3-color art print of the my painting that’s installed at the California CTA station here in Chicago. It’s also available here.

New poster for High on Fire


High on Fire

Very excited to get to do a print for High on Fire’s Chicago show. The poster is 18″ x 24″ on Cougar natural (edition of 80) and is available here.

New load of work added to the site


Illustration and design

Just added a bunch of illustration and design images from this year to the ‘WORK’ page. Also check out images from my solo show here.

Low-Dose No-Doz opening


Low-Dose No-Doz

My second solo show opens tomorrow night at Johalla Projects in Chicago from 7–10 pm. “Low-Dose No-Doz” features 8 new paintings, 2 sculptures, and a small book. Lots of stuff coming along in the fall including a tour poster for Iron & Wine, a book cover, and traveling to Austin once again in November for Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Stacked Summer


Been lacking in updates around here. Flatstock 40 was a predictably hot and good time. Now onto August: Showing a painting in Detroit in the Whitdel Arts show “Fuck It,” showing some prints in the Civilian Arts Projects show “Permanent Summer” in D.C. alongside some really killer artists, and I’ll be slinging posters and talking on a panel of some sort in Minneapolis at Autoptic on August 18th. And for those of you in Chicago I have a solo show opening at Johalla Projects on Sept. 6th. No sleep ’til Christmas.



If you live in Chicago you’ve no doubt heard the rumblings about the awesome new chicken/outdoor drinking spot Parson’s. I was lucky enough to be asked to paint the restaurant’s official El Camino and there are some pictures from Claton Hauck floating around the web. You should really see it in person with a $2 Hamm’s in your hand, it looks even better that way.

Photo by Clayton Hauck for Parson's Chicken & Fish

Gearing up for summer festivals


So far it looks like I’ll be at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (Chicago: June 28-30), Flatstock 40 @ Pitchfork (Chicago: July 19-21), and  Autoptic Arts Festival (Minneapolis: August 18). Expect some new art prints, shirts, and fun junk as well as posters for Pitchfork acts Pissed Jeans and Mikal Cronin. Winter is officially dead, let’s party.


Interview at Nothing Major


The wonderful design nuts/clothiers at Nothing Major posted an interview with yours truly this week. Read my witty and exciting responses here and while you’re there buy something from their shop. They’re always adding cool design items and clothing to the shop like this rad new hat.

New shirt for Longman & Eagle



The images I painted onto motorcycle helmets for the new Off Site Bar at Longman & Eagle are now available as a pocket tee. Just in time for t-shirt weather, buy or die.

Blazin’ 4/20



The last three posters I’ve churned out are all for shows on April 20th which is also Record Store Day. Speaking of which, Saki has once again asked me to make a commemorative shirt for the occasion. Cats shit in your home and throw up on your bed, but people seem to like them anyway.

Rare butts


My extremely high-brow “Skatebutt” print is sold out until I print a new edition (soon), but in the meanwhile I remembered I made a super limited (12) run of them on chipboard. Available here. Good Friday indeed.

New Website


Welcome to the new site! Way more content to come, but for now enjoy the fact it isn’t the piece of shit it was yesterday. Oh and if your site sucks talk to Matt Soria.


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